Baja California Sur's first organic brewery, available exclusively at Flora Farms.


La Micro Brewery, at the Live Work Shops at Flora Farms.

The boutique and small-batch, La Micro Brewery at Flora Farms, is Baja Califonria Sur's very first organic brewery.  Alan, the brew-master (originally an agricultural engineer) drove down the peninsula with a dream of brewing beer in the most traditional and sustainable way possible.  A farmer at heart, Alan enjoys influencing others to rediscover the roots of original farming methods, with the use of only organic ingredients and processes.
Sourcing from organic farms, La Micro Brewery contributes to saving the world, one brew at a time.



As Flora's in-house brewery, it serves beer only to clients of the Field Kitchen restaurant and private Flora Farms communities of the Culinary Cottages and The Haylofts.