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1. When driving on the highway from Cabo San Lucas, turn right at the first stop sign (just after Mega Supermarket) when entering San Jose del Cabo. Or if coming from toll road, go straight at Mega, towards the ocean.

2.  Continue approximately 2 blocks and turn left at your next stop sign.

3. You are now driving parallel to the beach and passing numerous hotels (on your right). Immediately following Grand Mayan Hotel, turn left onto Blvd. Mijares towards downtown San Jose del Cabo.

4. Continue approximately one mile and turn right at the traffic circle towards the bridge that goes to the Puerto Los Cabos marina, La Playita and Flora Farm.

5. After crossing bridge, turn left at traffic circle #1 (centered with 25-foot tall “Fisher King” sculpture).

6. At next traffic circle #2, continue straight.

7. At next traffic circle #3, continue straight. again.

8. At next traffic circle #4, turn left, onto the bumpy paved road towards the East Cape. Do not turn right towards La Playita.

9. Continue approximately 2 blocks and at the Cemex concrete plant, turn left up and onto the dirt road.

10. Continue up the winding dirt road and follow the signs to Flora Farm. At the top of the hill, you begin going down slightly and onward down one last fairly steep hill. At the bottom of the hill, turn left (right is for Culinary Cottage owners only) and then turn right into the public parking lot.