Why the Live Work Shops at Flora Farms?

The Live Work Shops at Flora Farms provide an opportunity for meaningful and mindful retailers to connect with the private communities of Flora Farms and area residents, in addition to the distinct segment of tourists who fervently add Flora Farms to their list of "Must Visit Destinations" while in Los Cabos.

Arranged as a series of sunlit strawbale constructed sheds at the heart of Flora Farms, the functional buildings and provincial businesses of the Shops, serve to transition Flora's visitors through a curated mix of offerings and experiences.

With nearly 10,000 upscale and niche patrons visiting Flora Farms on a monthly basis, opening an appropriate retail environment at Flora's Shops lends itself to probable success. The remaining (and limited) opportunities within Flora's Live Work Shops are open to businesses with compelling and complimentary concepts, with strong business plans and robust backing.


As of December 2016, only 6 additional retail spaces remain available at the Live Work Shops. Click on the image below to view availability.

Footprint of the Live Work Shops at Flora Farms

Do you have a good idea?

If you feel your retail concept is a good fit with Flora Farms, send us a quick pitch.