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Farm Spa Decorum

Current Farm Spa Hours
Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 4pm and Sunday 10am - 1pm

1. Spa Area, Quiet Zone. Please remember that the Farm Spa area is a place of relaxation and peaceful pampering. To that end, please keep your voice low when talking and avoid the use of cell phones or music anywhere in the spa area.

2. Food and Beverages. At this time, we are providing complimentary juices with pool area safe glasses. Until the Pool Menu is available, food is not permitted in the Pool or Farm Spa areas. The soon to be released Pool Menu will feature options tailored to the Pool experience. Access behind the juice bar and use of Juice Bar utensils, equipment, and supplies are reserved for Farm staff only.

3. Pool Access. The Community Pool and Pool Area is reserved for Culinary Cottage owners and their guests during their stay on the Farm.

4. Farm Spa Towels. Spa towels from the bathrooms and other areas should remain in those areas and are not for use at the pool. Separate Pool towels are provided at the Pool Area itself.

5. Signs. Please respect all posted signs, especially those on doors, as they often indicate a treatment or class is in session.

6. Farm Spa Fitness Room. Cottage owners are invited to use the Fitness Room daily from 8am-9am and 4pm-5pm. Additionally, during Farm Spa hours, when classes are not in session, the Fitness Room is open and available to all Culinary Cottage owners. Please visit or contact the Spa for a schedule of classes. Please note Class Schedules are subject to change.

7. Spa Equipment and Items. Please do not remove any items or equipment from the Fitness Room, Pool or Farm Spa areas.

8. Billing. Spa services and purchases from the Juice Bar and future Pool menu, can be charged to your Culinary Cottage account or paid for with the restaurant cashier.

9. Reservations Required. All spa services, including private sessions in individual cottages, must be reserved via the Farm Spa email: spa@flora-farms.com (phone number and reservation link coming soon).

10. Discounts. Your purchase of Flora Farms real estate from Flora Investments SA de CV does not entitle you to any discounts at the Farm Spa, The Field Kitchen restaurant or Farm Grocery.

11. Future Spa and Pool Area Intention. The Culinary Cottage community represents a total of just 10 cottages, with a future average on-site occupancy of between 24 and 44 people. In order for the Farm Spa and Pool areas to enjoy enough patronage to support the Spa specialists and staff, Flora will regulate access to the Farm Spa in a manner which is healthy for the Farm Spa- not too slow and not too busy. Our future will likely include Pool access open exclusively to Culinary Cottage and Hillside Hayloft communities. The Farm communities will have priority access to the Farm Spa with classes and services opened to limited public guests.

Rules and Hours Subject to Change. All common areas within the Flora Farms community are governed and managed by Flora Investments SA de CV. Rules and Hours of common areas are subject to change. The abovementioned shall remain in effect until we notify otherwise (via email and the Owner’s only Facebook group). If you are not currently part of and would like access to the secret Owner’s Facebook group, please contact Juan Bernardo.

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